Cairo Based Techwear startup, Sigma Fit, raises investment from Innlife and Kuwaiti investors

Egyptian sportswear startup Sigma Fit has raised investment from Cairo based Innlife and Kuwaiti investors according to reports. The size of the funding is yet to be disclosed.

Sigma Fit was launched in 2017 by co-founders Omar El Metwally, Islam Rahwan and Nabil Khalifa. The startups sportswear fabrics are blended with technology that makes them repel liquids, stains and odor.

With the newly raised funds, the startup plans to invest more in fabric technology, antiviral clothing, embedded sensors clothing, and augmented reality shopping.

Sigma Fit’s current product line include jackets, t-shirts, track suits, shorts and pants for both men and women.

“We will be sponsoring different research to improve clothing. With our investment in these technologies, we want to be prepared for future pandemics as it can assist in the control of the spread of any virus in the future,” said Omar El Metwally in a conversation with the media.

Earlier this year, a smart bag produced by the Sigma Fit was among the 10 best products exhibited at the consumer electronics show in the US.