Future Africa announces $ 1 million in investments in 9 African Startups in their new venture funding model.

Founded by Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, co-founder of Andela and Flutterwave, alongside Olabinjo Adeniran and Adenike Sherrif, Future Africa Fund is an early-stage innovation fund that is open to a community of curated co-investors who invest with the fund on a deal by deal basis through investment syndicates. So far, the fund has a community of over 125 Angel investors from all over the world and has invested in a total number of 28 companies.

In Q3, 2020, Future Africa fund, invested $1 million in 9 startups.The startups include; Bamboo, Eden, Releaf, Tambua Health, Indicina, Evolve Credit, Shara, Myawayhome and Stears.

Bamboo is an investment platform that gives access to Africans to invest or trade over 3,500 stocks listed on the U.S stock market or local exchanges from their mobile phones or computers.

Eden is a tech enabled personalized concierge service that handles house cleaning, laundry, meal delivery and other chores.

Releaf is a tech-enabled agricultural logistics company that uses both hardware and software to source from smallholders at scale, control quality and deliver crops to factories.

Tambua Health is the inventor of a technology called Tsense, a non-invasive and radiation free lung ventilation imaging and lung function testing using acoustic technology.

Indicina has built a credit infrastructure that comes equipped with features businesses such as insurers, micro finance and commercial banks, need to offer credit to their customers, securely and at scale.

Evolve Credit is a tech enabled platform that enables consumers review information about loan products in the marketplace and compare products of lending options based on price, terms and other factors.

Shara is building a distribution platform to help FMGCs provide financial and logistical support to retailers.

MyAwayHome is a service that helps diasporians buy property, get mortgage, build and manage property.

Stears has developed a subscription based data-driven insight and analysis platform that offers unparalled depth and intelligence on transformations in the Nigerian economy.

“We’ve also pioneered a new model of investing in Africa that gives investors the flexibility to subscribe to a quarterly fund and get exposure to all the deals we participate in within that specific quarter. We call this The Future Africa Rolling Fund. So far we’ve raised over $500,000 in this fund”. Adenike Sheriff said.