Spotify launches SAWTIK, an initiative to support Female Arab artists.

SAWTIK, an initiative that aims to bring more attention to emerging female Arab artists in the MENA region, has been launched by Spotify. The initiative will help artists through education, networking and on and off platform  marketing support. Spotify  plans to feature Arab artists on covers of 18 flagship playlists and afterwards host the first ever female only Spotify masterclass.

To bring more attention to SAWATIK, Spotify has partnered with Tunisian singer Latifah, and other industry influencers.

According to Nielsen insights, 60% of aspiring female artists in MENA region, face stigmatization for pursuing a career in music.

“As an Arab female artist myself, I have witnessed how difficult it is to pursue a career in music,” shares Lynn Fattouh, Spotify Consumer Marketing Manager in Middle East and Africa. “Our journey to create a more inclusive creative ecosystem in MENA’s music industry has just begun, and we hope that these initial steps and actions will help push these conversations forward and lead to positive and lasting changes for female creators.”

Felukah is one of the emerging artists who is highlighted in the initiative. “I’m grateful that SAWTIK exists and I get to be a part of it,” says the Cairo-born rapper. “Spotify has been instrumental in my growth as an artist—I’m really excited to both share and discover music from my culture through SAWTIK’s playlist. This is the beginning of something powerful.”