Vault Share; Africa’s first digital social card.

Vault share, a product of the Vault Brand, is Africa’s first digital social card that consolidates digital bios and links to product and service information and can be shared between peers instantly and safely with a single tap.

Founded by south African entrepreneurs, Dr. Chad Marthinussen and Gino Lange, the card allows sharing of profile pictures or company logos, Contact & Location details, social media profiles, music playlists, payment details, external links & so much more.

The Vault Share Cards are embedded with Near Field Communication(NFC) Technology that trigger a link to personalized profiles. When tapped against a smartphone or device you can quickly tap “Add to Contacts” and instantly be assed to the phone’s contacts.

The cards can be used for networking opportunities across three operational areas Business to customer(B2C), business to business (B2B) retail and hospitality.

In a statement, Dr. Chad said “Vault and Vault Share will bring tremendous value to the customers. The Vault Share will ensure their vital credit card information is safe and secure considering the rise in credit card skimming in South Africa, and with the festive season approaching it will be even more prevalent.

We believe that the use of Vault Share will result in more effective networking and more measurable conversions.”