Viatu AG raises six-figure investment funding to drive sustainability-focused travel platform.

In a released statement, Viatu AG, a Switzerland-based startup, has secured a six-figure pre-seed investment funding for the launch of its new travel platform in Namibia.

The platform lets users design and book sustainable trips combining cutting edge technology and travel expertise.

“In a post-COVID world, reinventing travel really is the only option!” Alfredo Seidemann, Viatu AG Founder and CEO explained. Based on principles of regenerative travel, we envision a new way for tourism to provide lasting positive impact for local environments and people.

He added, “Travel is not just an item you place on a shelf and sell off. It’s personal and it’s powerful and I think we don’t realise that enough. The wildlife and adventure market is a $200 billion industry waiting to be disrupted!”.

The Viatu AG team consists of former executives in travel, ex-Googlers and engineers. The startup plans to use the funds to build a functional and reliable MVP that will include services offered to clients such as expert tailored trips, customization ability to preferences and instant booking.

“I’m very excited about where we are. To see so many people support our mission, it’s been incredible to know that others too believe in the positive power of travel”, said Alfredo. He continued, “We’re grateful to our investors and ready to get out there and change the way we travel”