WPP Scangroup signs up more than 8000 SME’s on e-commerce platform.

WPP Scangroup, a marketing firm from Kenya, has signed more than 8000 SME’s on Goby, an e commerce platform that helps firms to sell merchandise online. The platform lets business owners create a functional online shop in minutes on pre-built website templates.

The platform enables the business owners manage their online shop front, monitor and store performance on dashboard(in terms of profits and revenue as well as site visits), order management in real time, and to connect with their customers.

“Goby is WPP Scangroup’s e-commerce platform launched early this year to enable small and medium sized businesses to build, manage and grow their businesses online”, the company said in its latest annual report.

“The platform has more than 8,000 signed up merchants so far in its launch in Kenya, with a plan to launch across Africa in the coming months.”

“Technology is reshaping all industries and there is a digital disruption happening in our industry too. The group has adapted integrating the digital thinking in the traditional capacity”, the company said. Scangroup charges Goby users a monthly fee of shs 300 ($3).